Nov 8-10, 2013: Int'l Meifu Shinkage Ryu Seminar

An OPEN SEMINAR accessible to all interested in the traditional Japanese martial art of Shuriken-jutsu.

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2013 International MSR Seminar

Jan 17, 2013: Spring Budo presentation for the general public

Welcome to our spring presentation where our students and Shihan Pilato will be demonstrating selected techniques of the arts we practice.

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2013 Spring Presentation

Dec 8 - 9, 2012: MITSUYA-KAI International Winter Camp 2012

We're organizing the annual MITSUYA-KAI International Winter Camp 2012 which will include Karate-Do and Kobu-Do practices. The camp will be led by Soke Mitsuya (8th Dan Hanshi), President and Chief Master of MITSUYA-KAI International and assisted by Shihan PILATO Marco (6th Dan).

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MITSUYA-KAI International Winter Camp 2012

Nov 2 - 4, 2012: Shuriken-jutsu - Meifu Shinkage Ryu International Seminar

The seminar is OPEN to all interested in the art of Shuriken-jutsu. No former experience in Shuriken-jutsu or any other martial arts required to participate. Register soon! Further details can be found at

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Sep 20, 2012: Presentation for the general public

Welcome to our general presentation in Matinkylä (Matinkatu 22, Espoo). Our dojo is located on street level of Matinkylän Ostoskeskus, opposite Alepa. We're offering a special discount on all of our beginner's courses for those signing up at the presentation.

18:30: Shito-ryu Karate-Do, Kenshin-ryu Kobu-Do (weapon techniques using bo, tonfa) Koryu Tai-jutsu
19:30: Toyama-ryu Iai-Batto-Do (swordsmanship), Shindo Muso Ryu Jo-Do (128cm staff, sword, etc.)

Sep 3, 2012: Kick-starting 2012 autumn season!

The autumn season trainings have now started. We have a selection of beginner's courses including junior Karate-Dō as well as weapon and empty-hand arts for adults (16 years and above). For details about the training times, see our training schedule.

May 13, 2012: Presentation at Hanami 2012

We presented for the third consecutive time at the Sakura Hanami festival in Roihuvuori on May 13. The event is organized yearly around the time of the cherry blossom. Check out the photos at

Feb 9, 2012: General presentation in our new Dōjo!

We will be having a general presentation on February 9, 2012 at 19:00 to demonstrate the main Japanese martial arts that we study in our club. Our curriculum is diverse and is surely to attract beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Welcome to our new dōjo in Matinkylä (Matinkatu 22, Espoo). For more information, please contact us via e-mail at info(at)